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Promote Literacy with BuckeyeKidsBooks

One of the aspects of our BuckeyeKidsBooks set that we are most proud of is the fact that kids are actually learning to read via our books.  Not only are our books allowing parents and grandparents to share their passions and traditions with their kids and grandkids, we are also witnessing the kids falling in love with the books.  We are even seeing kids who are so determined to know everything there is to know about the BuckeyeKidsBooks set they are actually applying the reading lessons from home and school and are actually reading our books.  Make our BuckeyeKidsBooks the first books your kids actually read aloud.  Check out our books.  What a great holiday gift that you and your family will never forget.

BuckeyeKidsBooks are making kids passionate about reading.  Check out our video and GO BUCKS!

The Buckeye Kids Book Revolution - The Perfect Buckeye Bedtime Books!

There have never been any Buckeye Children's Books like "The Day I Met Woody" and "The Buckeye Block Party".  The number of Buckeyes who share these with their family grows every night.  From classrooms to game watch parties to simply the last book before bedtime, our Buckeye Kids Books are touching families all over Then Buckeye Nation.  Purchase your set today while supplies last.

A portion of the proceeds from each book goes to the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.


A wonderfully touching testament to Ohio State Football. A brilliant idea.
— Earle Bruce - Ohio State Coach '79-'87

The Books

11.17.79 Ohio State v. Michigan

Woody Hayes - Paying it Forward...

The Buckeye Block Party

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On November 17th, 1979 Ohio State played Michigan in the annual renewal of the greatest rivalry in sports.  I was 8 years old.  I had come of age just as Archie Griffin had graduated so although I had heard of beating Michigan, I had never actually seen this happen.  Not only that, in the 3 games that I did remember watching we had not even scored a touchdown.  The 1979 season brought with is tremendous change as the Buckeyes were led by first year coach Earle Bruce.  For me it was an unforgettable journey to experience this game and this season with my family and most importantly my best friend, my brother.  For any kid who wonders what the big deal is about the Ohio State - Michigan game, this is my story.

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The Day I Met Woody

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Growing up in central Ohio in the 1970's it was only natural for Woody Hayes to be a hero of mine.  Little did I know that one day I would meet Woody in the most unexpected of ways and it would change my life for ever.  The Day I Met Woody is based on my actual meeting with Coach Hayes when I was young.  I discovered the true meaning of a teacher and a mentor.  I hope you enjoy sharing this story with the children in your life as I have with my two little girls.

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Share your Memories.  How Firm Thy Friendship O-HI-O.

Listen to Roy Roychoudhury Discuss his books with Ray Ellis @ Voice America

Ray Ellis

Ray Ellis

The Inspiration

My name is Roy Roychoudhury and I am very excited for the release of my first two published children's books on the great traditions of Ohio State Football.  As a life long Buckeye fan who grew up in Marysville, Ohio, this really is the culmination of a dream for me.  Even though my parents came from different countries, when they moved to central Ohio, they could not resist the pull of Ohio State football and its grand culture.  Ohio State held a special place in our family and it served as a source of pride and inspiration.  It has been a joy to pass these stories down to my children.  Now it is an honor to share these stories with you.  I hope you enjoy my stories.  

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