The Ohio State community has embraced both books.  Our goal was to make these books as authentic as possible.  I wanted to focus on the little details, from the shag carpet, to the clothes, and even the prices at the grocery store.  This way the books could act as a time capsule for parents and grandparents to share a specific time in history.  The feedback received from members of the Ohio State football family has been fantastic.  Please take a moment to read a few of the testimonials we have received.



Player Testimonials

Great Buckeye stories that will introduce children of all ages to the great traditions of the Ohio State Buckeyes. I will read the stories to my grandchildren and I recommend all Buckeye fans read to your children and grandchildren too.
— #45 Archie Griffin
Woody Hayes cared about people no matter their race, religion or culture. If you want to share your love for Ohio State and passion about Woody Hayes, I cannot think of a better way than reading these books with those you love.
— #7 Cornelius Green
A wonderful testament to Ohio State football. A brilliant idea.
— Coach Earle Bruce
Roy’s book acts as a time machine for Buckeye fans everywhere to pass along to their children. As a young boy I would listen to the Buckeyes on the radio in our barn as we did our chores. I dared to dream about being part of that team. Roy brings all of these emotions back to life and I felt like that young boy again as I read, “The Buckeye Block Party”. Your children or grandchildren will never wonder why the Ohio State / Michigan game means so much to so many after reading this book.
— #38 Champ Henson
I didn’t grow up a Buckeye fan, so I didn’t understand the true meaning of the Michigan game at first. Now, thirty years later, I still get a knot in my stomach every time I realize that it’s Michigan Week. Roy got it at a much younger age, and he beautifully captures the passion and magic of Ohio State football.
— #1 Mike Lanese
Roy captures the game that turned me into a Buckeye fan for life in The Buckeye Block Party. In 1979, when Todd Bell ran the blocked punt in for a touchdown against Michigan, I was sold. I was a Buckeye for life. Todd was from my hometown, Middletown, Ohio and I really looked up to him and all that he had accomplished in his athletic career. Roy’s book brings back those great memories of Ohio State football.
— #7 Sonny Gordon
Both of Roy’s Books, “The Day I Met Woody” and “The Buckeye Block Party” are must reads for any child, especially if you have roots in Ohio. It brought back great memories for me about one of the greatest coaches to ever walk the sidelines. I still can’t believe how many life lessons I learned from Woody.
— #1 Tom Skladany

How Firm Thy Friendship...

How Firm Thy Friendship...

Media Testimonials

Roy Roychoudhury has done a masterful job of teaching life lessons through Buckeye lore and tradition. If you don’t get this for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews you are doing them a disservice.
— John Porentas Editor/Publisher The O-Zone (
Finally there are children’s books that really pass on our passion and love for Ohio State football. Both The Buckeye Block Party and The Day I Met Woody should be a part of the reading library for anyone with young kids. If you have kids, grandkids or nieces and nephews, you no longer have to stress about a birthday or holiday gift. These books capture the essence of what makes Ohio State Football so important to so many. Once they read the Buckeye Block Party, your kids will never wonder why the Ohio State Michigan Game is so important again. Don’t miss out on your chance to share this with those your friends and family.
— Steve Helwagen Award Winning Writer /